• Ben Liu

Practical Skills Week 4


I finally establish the chord progression for my song, at least the A section. I tried to determine a key in my song but due to the nature of the genre that cannot be achieved as Neo soul relys heavily on changing keys constantly. I composed a riff that is simplistic and interesting. I will record it tomorrow with my phone


I recorded myself playing the A section today, I will probably add more melody to the progression in the future to make the head sound more interesting, but the video below shows the general idea:

The A Section

I also finished writing the B section of the song today, I voice all the chords below with a C on top as a melody. I based my teacher's tuition in my decision.

Here is a link below of my performing the B section:

The B Section


I made a decision to change the sound of the instrument from an electric keyboard to electric keyboard/grand piano hybrid. This is because I decided utilising a brighter sound for my composition.

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