Ben Liu

FMP 2020

I have come a long way since the beginning of my first year. Not only did I achieve my goal in almost every project, I also learnt useful skills in areas I did not expect. For instance, during my time of mixing and mastering two recorded songs I learned how to add effects on each track using EQ and compression, as well as limiter before bouncing the track out to a mp3 format. It was helpful despite not being my main interest. I collaborated with my classmates in the multicultural band shizzbanizz, we learnt to share our ideals as well as compromising in order to satisfy everyone in the group and successfully produced 5 polished songs, as well as performing in different venues in order to boost our confidence on stage.



During my second year I decided to focus on my personal developments. Unsurprisingly I cannot ignore my passion for jazz so I decided to study each subgenre of jazz thoroughly. I listened to different records and transcribed various phrases to use them in my future performances. On top of expanding my technical skills I also investigated the cultural influence jazz had on people throughout time. I want to not only perform music I am proud of, but also connect with my audience on a personal level.


I dream to become a professional jazz musician in the future, to achieve that I would need to have some experience performing my original work in the Brighton music scene. I aim to produce a contemporary jazz album using chords and structure from the past mixed with technology from the present. Combination such as funky drum beats mixed with electronic keyboard and bass, or hip hop samples with lo-fi quality chord progressions, anything is possible. Hopefully this new sound of jazz will be accessible enough to entertain both young and adult audiences after a contemporary twist. I wrote a detailed plan explaining what activity I aim to achieve for each and every week.

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