• Ben Liu

Practical Skills Week 6

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


A new melody started to get stuck in my head as I thought more and more about the first song. Eventually it was all I could think about so I went back to it and altered the ending. The new ending is just the same as the verse but with two extra chords, being G7b13 and E diminished. I also decided that the ending will fade out.


With the song finally complete I figure it is time to record it and listed to it. Please bear in mind that the recording is a very early sample without a bass line and much practice.The finished product will be much more polished.



I thought about the general idea for the second song and wrote down some characteristic in bullet points:

  • It should have less chords than the first song

  • It should have a strong melody and highlight the keyboard sound

  • It can feature trumpet, but the main focus should still be the keyboard

With those points in mind I began experimenting. I finalised my ideas and recorded them.



The chords for the head should be as simple as this. I plan to emphasise on the melodic movement of the piece. I will also add trumpet to the mix further down the line.

I also recorded a me playing around with these chords in mind. Be aware that I ignored mistakes that were made and kept on playing because this is just a sample.


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