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Practical Skills Week 5

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


I opened my project today and listened to it continuously in order to get my creativity flowing, and I wrote more of my first song as well as played out a structure for the final product.

First of all the structure of this song will be split into four parts:

  1. The Song begins by playing the chords of A and B section quietly

  2. The A and B part is then played again with the same chords but with a main melody on top of it.

  3. I will then Solo on both A and B section.

  4. After the solo the drums will fade and I will do some mild improvisation alongside the single note bass, song will slowly end.

I also recorded my track using my keyboard and a drummer plugin in Logic Pro X. In the recording I played the 1st and 2nd part of my plan, as well as my attempt to improvise at 1:36. Please be aware that this is just a sample of my ideas, I will still need to throughly practice the piece before attempting to record it.


The song still clearly need some work but I will continue that tomorrow. I am also considering beginning my second composition alongside my on Sunday.


The overall structure of the song is complete, and I will need to establish a bridge today. Looking at the ambiguous feel of the genre I decided to write a section with only suspended chords, I simply experimented with a few notes and went with my gut feeling of what sounded right to me.

I also wanted to create a unique rhythm when playing the chords and here is the result split into two parts:

Part 1:




With an established bridge, the song is complete. I will need to give it some to sink into my head before making further changes. I feel like it is time to move onto the next song.

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