• Ben Liu

Problem Solving Week 5


I discussed the situation with m tutor Gavin today and he suggested continue to compose my songs without worrying too much. In a global pandemic like this the examiners will expect lower quality products due to a shortage of resources. However, that doesn't mot mean that I should start cutting corners in my production, I should simply make the best out of what equipments I have.

I evaluated my options and made a list of equipments I have at home, they are:

  • Nord Keyboard

  • Scarlett 2i2 interface

  • Stereojack cables

  • Computer with Logic installed

Equipments Group Photo

Additionally, he suggest I look into an app called Jamkazam. It can stream your keyboard output to others online and create remote jam sessions. I will look into this at the later stage of my productions. (https://www.jamkazam.com)

With all of the tools above I should be able to continue writing songs and work remotely with other musicians. If I cannot gather other artists at a later day I might have to rearrange the songs to be played solo or reduced the number of tracks in the EP, but as for now I should just keep writing.


I have spoken to my tutor Johnny today and he suggested the same as Gavin, that I should just keep writing my compositions and worry about nothing more for now. Meanwhile he will ask and look into potential drummer and bass player that are interested in the project.

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