• Ben Liu

Problem Solving Week 3

Updated: Mar 18, 2020


I am concerned about the current situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak, as I believe it will greatly impact the music industry in a extremely negative way. People will eventually be asked to stay indoor with social events cancellations, so the album launch will potentially be impossible. Moreover, the college could potentially close so I will lose all access to studio equipments. I cannot think of a solution to this problem so the best thing I can do is to carry on composing music.


I had a conversation with my tutor Gavin regarding my journal today, and he mentioned that the content included in both Planning & Production and Evaluation and Reflection are more or less the same thing, I couldn't agree more. Both modules includes summarising and self reflecting the activities I took part in a weekly basis. To address this issue I decided to make a change to this formula. From now on, at the beginning of every single week I will layout the week plan in Planning & Production, such as analyse at a certain music track or learning a new song on a specific date. The Evaluation and Reflection entries will be written every Sunday to summarise whether I achieved what I planned for the week and how it could be done better.

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