• Ben Liu

Evaluation and Reflection Week 5

I finally finished my first composition this week and it felt really good. It made me realise how wise I was to decide to include only three tracks in the finished product. It not only takes a ton of time to research the the technique that is used in the genre, it will also take hours of practice for me to perform and record them. With two tracks left I still feel no pressure regarding the upcoming deadline.

With the completion of my first song I cannot help but notice a lack of research for the past week or so, mainly because I did nothing but research before two weeks ago. I feel like I should listen to more songs next week to keep my inspiration flowing.

The first song feels complete now and it consists various elements of my research inside them, including sus chords, altered chords and the unique voicing used in Neo Soul chords. If there is anything I can improve on is to focus on the dynamic of the song. For example in the beginning I should play the chords more quietly, with more quiet left hand to flesh out the melody more on the top.

I will begin on the next two songs next week and try to make them sound distinct to one another. I will also conduct a little bit of research along the way.

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