• Ben Liu

Week 2 Journal

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


I began creating my website by looking at templates from Wix and chose this one:

I plan to customise the page to include 7 pages, they are context, research, problem solving, planning & production, practical skills, evaluation & reflection and presentation. Each page will cover a topic listed above.

I also discovered a jazz/funk fusion band that inspired me greatly, they are called "Moonchild," the below below is a small concert they hosted, I will listen to them more at a later date and provide a deeper analysis.


I primarily focused on the creation of the website today, I want each pages to reflect a image of the sky.

I was really satisfied with my choices, but I might have spent too much time on the aesthetics of the website instead of the content itself. Either way it is a good start. I will fully finish the website on Thursday.


Last week I made an arrangement with the bassist of the band but he still hasn't responded to my request, I am starting to think that he might not be reliable for the role. I am not confident that I will have to write the album all by my own. More detail in the problem solving section.


I finally finished the website for my FMP. I added blogs to each page to document all the criteria in the assignments. I also asked my tutor for advice in terms of the situation with the bassist, he suggest I write the album on my own and hire session musicians to finish the recordings.

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