• Ben Liu

Week 1 Journal

Not much had happened this week, as the lecture spent most of the time in class explaining how the website should look like in our FMP. I gave a presentation talking about my ambition for the project in detail below:


Overall the feedbacks I received were mostly positive, however, my lecture reminded to to include more researches regarding the promotion side of the project, such as looking at what album cover I can use for my EP. I responded by saying I will begin researching those ideas after my songs are written in the future.

Compared to my plan, I severely underestimated the amount of time it takes to write the proposal, I did not meet up with anybody in the worthing campus, nor did I begin to write any music. I did, however, listen to a track that inspired me:

I personally adored this track because how funky and rich the bass-line sounds, it is definitely a setting I would like to experiment with in the upcoming EP. The whole retro feel of the track is great, and the keyboard sound is also something I will try to replicate.

Overall, a great start despite achieving less than I initially planned. I spent a lot of effort giving a detailed proposal to the class, and my lecturer was satisfied with the quality of it.

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