• Ben Liu

Journal Week 5

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


I did not do much work today apart from writing the planning and production section of the week, as I have yet to chat to my teacher regarding the plan ahead of the term. I still feel quite stressed and exhausted, I will make a new plan tomorrow regarding the new plan.


I had spoken to my tutor Gavin today regarding the situation and he gave some some helpful advice regarding the plan ahead. I evaluated my options in my problem solving section. The gist is to keep on composing for now and worry about other aspects later.


I continued with my composition today and planned the general structure of the song, including a plan to add a bridge before the ending. I then recorded myself playing the A and B section alongside a MIDI drum track.


I wrote the bridge of the song and fully utilised sus chords in the process, the composition is now complete. I will see how I feel about it on Monday and then decided whether to begin a new track or add an outro.

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