• Ben Liu

Journal Week 3

Updated: Mar 12, 2020


Today I received some information regarding my bassist. My tutor had a chat with him asking if he is still up for creating the album with me and he responded positively. However, my decision in writing the album on my own remains the same, I chose to not rely on him.

I listened to this new song by a Brighton based artist I personally love today:

Finally, the current state of the Coronavirus outbreak could potentially affect the launch of my album and the music industry as a whole, I will explain more in problem solving.


I need to change my plan regarding differentiating planning & production and evaluation & reflection. To avoid them sounding too similar. More details in problem solving.

I began researching and transcribing tracks by "Moonchild" and work out the basic chords

it took a very long time to work out the extension for the chords and I will analyse them on Thursday.


Looked at this video on youtube explaining the chord progression for the song:

There are some differences in terms of the chord progression, mainly the FM7 actually being a D-7 instead.

Looked at another tutorial explaining the common chords used in Neo soul below:

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